It is important we share it because every successful business starts with a great story.

In June 2015, it all began with the blooming online marketing space and every business realizing the same. Two people, completely different areas of expertise came together to give rise to Galaxy Media LLC. What bought them together was their passion for being KNOWN, to “brand their name.” One being a videographer, working in an advertisement agency and the other online marketing learner, have built this team of 50 professionals working day and night for the clients to make an impactful online presence.

Nourished by a zeal for life-long learning, the company has continued to evolve to keep up with the rapidly changing marketing industry. In these 4 years and many more to come, our clients have witnessed a parallel growth with Galaxy Media LLC. Online marketing has become such a huge platform where your needed client base is probably surfing the net, what we help in is getting noticed and get those loyal customers to you.

The team is not a huge one, so each of our clients gets the undivided attention of our services. We try to deal with each client in an altogether different way because each business irrespective of the size deserves the best. Our work speaks for itself and proof is in the ranking that we have maintained

We have well promoted our business, are you ready to promote yours with Galaxy Media LLC. Call for free consultation and know the next crucial step.